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Ugly Maw Of Paranoia

Ah, the gaping, ugly maw of paranoia presents itself. Epes gave me a preplan for a load that picks up off of the yard in Greensboro and delivers in Concord. All together that’s about 100 miles. A shit load no matter how you look at it. But what the hell? Everyone makes the Concord run on occasion. So I sent in the macro on the satcom and the system told me there was no such load.
Uh oh! U.S. Xpress flashbacks!
Now I’m wondering if they just want me on the yard for some reason. A drug test. A reprimand. Being fired. I’m not all that worried about it, but it never hurts to have your eyes open. Especially in trucking, where the companies’ prime directive is to protect the equipment.
Hopefully this is just a suck-ass load. It may not show up as a pre-plan for me in Epes’ eccentric system because it’s already been under a truck. Somebody had to drop it Greensboro. Still. We wonder.

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