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Strange Time Of It

I’ve had a strange time of it lately. I just fueled in Piedmont, South Carolina. I was standing there with my hand on the nozzle, listening to the trucks and the other drivers and the radio chattering over the intercom, and a breeze blew across me. I realized, with a little despair, that the only part I wanted to do with any of it was that breeze. This contrasted with how I felt when I left the house, which was pretty upbeat.
I’ve been going back and forth like that for a couple of weeks. Hell, I was sitting at my computer yesterday morning and dark despair just washed over me. It settled into a bone-numbing depression that would normally have seen me go back to bed and curl up into a ball. I wanted to, but I refused to do so. After a few hours it just lifted. I think I literally sighed and said aloud “much better.”
I don’t know what’s going on. I doubt I’ll mention it, though. What would be the point?

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