The Universe Pushed Back

Well, the Universe has pushed back. It was about time. I was beginning to feel rather positive about things in general. Well, someone must have told on me. The first thing of the day (the minor one) was that Epes has asked for copies of my logs back to Nov. 30. That’s everything from when I started with them. Maybe I’m just scarred from USX, but a log review is never good. I won’t jump to conclusions, but I’m going to brace for impact, just in case.
Now, the other (important) thing is that we received a letter today. Mara’s bankruptcy has been challenged and a motion has been filed for its dismissal. This is based on some paperwork not being filed and a non-appearance in court on Mara’s part. I don’t know if these issues go back to Mara or her lawyer, but it doesn’t look good for us. This is probably the bank’s play for the house. If they get the bankruptcy thrown out we’re suddenly liable for the money we haven’t paid during the proceedings. Obviously we couldn’t pay that. So, instant grounds for foreclosure. Mara has talked to her lawyer today, so I’ll delay the doom and gloom until I know more. But this is various shades of not good.

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