Cisie Goodman Smith

Mara and I ran into Cisie Smith and her husband at the Food Lion. Cisie came running over and grabbed me, and said she was about to cry, and she about did. It was damned good to see her. I gave them my cellphone number. Hopefully Cisie will stay in touch. I’ve kinda missed her.
I’ve felt for a long time that I owed her an apology. She overheard me talking to Mara once about how Cisie had done some things back in her cocaine days that had left me feeling hard at her for some time. I think Cisie missed the part about me saying that the past was the past, and that while I might never forget some of things that Cisie did and said during those times, I’m certainly not going to dwell on them.
Cisie was a good friend for a long time. I’d like her to be so again.

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