Getting Screwed Again

:: grumble grumble ::
Looks like I’m going to get screwed on a Friday yet again. I received my home load yesterday and was quite pleased with it. Picks up 85 miles from the house and delivers in New Bern, NC on Monday morning.
Well, when the load info came in the loaded miles had dropped from 389 to 218. Naturally, my reaction was “WTF?” Come to find out the miles dropped because no appointment time has been set and they want me to drop the load in Greensboro.
That’s where the discontent comes in. Here I thought I was going to get home early this Friday (I got home on Saturday last week). Now I have to drive right by my house to go up to Greensboro, and then my fun is just beginning. Best case scenario is that they give me a load that’s on the yard. That means I’ll get home early this evening. Worst is that I have to go pick up somewhere, possibly 100+ miles, and I won’t get home until very late this evening or even tomorrow.
I realize this sounds like a bunch of pointless whining. That’s exactly what it is. The one thing I look forward to every week is getting home. Essentially this is like someone gave me a cookie and then took it away. In its place I smell broccoli. In short, we need the money, so any extra miles I get are good for us. But I’d still rather have my cookie.

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