Tried To Talk To Mara

I tried to talk to Mara. It went about as well as you can imagine. There were no hysterics, but she really didn’t hear anything that I said. She had moved into the bedroom by then. She said she just went in there because she wanted to read. She didn’t admit until I pressed her that she had signed off from Everquest II “because it seems to bother” me. I’ve tried repeatedly to get my point across to her, that Everquest II is just a symptom of a larger problem, but nothing can get through to her unless it’s written in raised letters on a piece of 2″x4″ lumber that’s been whacked across her forehead. Even then it’d only leave a temporary impression.
Of course, Mama coming down the hallway to read us a recipe didn’t exactly help things along. Mama doesn’t take hints, and so while Mara and I both waited patiently for her to finish her recipe recital and wander off, she decided to hang around conspicuously in there and play with Ria. I suppose by that point she had realized that something was going on, and she was sticking around to see if any great confessions were forthcoming.
I hate this place. I hate my life. I hate living in a house with a needy old woman whose favorite pastime is finding shit for you to run to the store for. I hate living knee-deep in Mara’s gothic melodrama of never-ending suffering. There are times when I wish I could just get in that truck and never come home.

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