Chewing On Something …

I’ve been chewing on something today. Our utility bill for last month is almost $500. Everyone’s bill is much higher this month. All I said to Mara was that we need to get our Kings Mountain web site up. That would give people in town somewhere to go to bitch about stuff like this. You can’t go to City Council. They’re a bunch of good ol’ boys who just brush complaints aside. They’re all too busy pretending that they’re Somebody because they were elected to the local Good Ol’ Boys Club. The local paper is firmly in their pockets and publishes nothing overtly critical of anything. Well, except for Jim Heffner’s bi-weekly editorial/rant about Liberals and Democrats. There has to be a counter to the incestuous network that seems to think that it determines and controls the economic, political and social fabric of Kings Mountain.
I realize this must seem like a hell of a leap from a utility bill to all this. But it’s not. All this goes back to the inherent corruptibility of the Good Ol’ Boy Network as a form of government.
I’m reminded of a line from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. “Where ya gonna go? Who’re you going to tell?”
Well, I have some ideas.

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