Asshole Truck Drivers

One thing holds true at Epes. It certainly has no shortage of asshole truck drivers. I’m sitting in the parking lot of a civic center of a town in Alabama. I’ve been here since 01:00 locally. I got up at 07:00 to check out the situation and there’s another Epes truck here being unloaded, which came in sometime during the night. So this prick swooped in here and arranged to be unloaded first. I made a point of sitting sideways in the drivers seat so that I’m facing his truck. We made brief eye contact and he’s withered in his seat. He’s leaned back so that his face is hidden from me. He knows all too well that what he did bears all the hallmarks of a world class asshole.
No matter. I’m sure he’ll lead a life of frustration and discontent. Or at least I hope he does. Most assholes do. This sounds like such a minor thing. But in trucking time is money. This guy has delayed me being unloaded by a considerable amount of time. Just imagine if some asshole forced you to work four or five hours of over-time that you wouldn’t be paid for. In the over-all scheme of things, this is not one of the moments I’m likely to remember from my trucking days. But I’m not happy.

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