Hating Jake

I’ve never hated an animal like I hate that dog next door. I really do wish I was cruel enough to kill it. Anti-freeze. Rat poison. Beheading with a sharp sword. At this point it doesn’t look like its fucking owner is going anywhere. Hell, she actually seems intent on leaving Jake here whenever she does go somewhere.
But her house isn’t selling. She’s your typical arrogant yuppie, so she probably wants too much for it. Hell, anyone who buys it will have to completely redecorate it to get rid of those nightmarish colors that she painted the house in (her dining room is a solid orange). I just wish the house would sell and she and her fucking dog would get the hell out of here.
I’ve put off calling animal control and filing a complaint because of that “For Sale” sign in her front yard. But I’m really reaching the end of my rope.

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