Where's My Truck?

I’m a little irritated at the moment. Not at anyone in particular. Just the situation. Long story short, I called Epes after I left the customer this morning to check on the status of my truck. I was told that it was done. Then I talked to my dispatcher, Marvin, who told me that he’d just got off the phone with Tommy, and it wasn’t done. Either way, I had to go by the terminal in Greensboro. As Marvin put it, I would most likely have to drop my load anyway, since it was such a short haul and they wouldn’t want me going so far out of route to go home over the weekend.
Well, when I got to Greensboro, my truck wasn’t there. After 2 1/2 hours of wrangling, I left with the same truck and trailer I came in with. That’s why I’m irritated. I could have been home 2 1/2 hours earlier than I’ll get home. I got nothing out of my visit to Greensboro, and will still have to go by next week and get my truck.
Oh, well. At least I’m headed home now.

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