Blown Weekend

I really just blew it out last weekend. Diet-wise and otherwise, as well. We got a pizza Friday, ate cheeseburgers Saturday, and had Hamburger helper yesterday. Not a single Atkins moment all weekend. The reasons probably had more to do with lazyness than anything else. Neither of us wanted to go to the grocery store. Hell, the only time we left the house was when we went to Hardee’s for sandwiches.
But I said “otherwise,” too. I didn’t lift a finger around the house. There are still 101 things that need to be done, and that’s besides the the normal cleanup and maintenance. I need to get my shit together. I can have the greatest outlook and intentions in the world while I’m out here on the road, but it doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t carry over to home-time. I can change my life, but only if I get off my ass and then follow through on everything.
I’m also going to have to address one other apparently necessary evil: Everquest II. I’m going to have to limit myself, or at least set some rules. Mara and I both spend entirely too much time in-game. Our lives revolve around it. I don’t think it’s any worse than sitting in front of a television, but it has to be kept in proper context. Gaming comes after cleaning up the house, washing clothes or cutting the grass.

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