Criminals At NCO Financial

The criminals at NCO Financial Services are at it again. They’ve been calling the house. Hell, they called Mara on her damned cellphone while she was at work. Yes, they’re trying to extort more money out of us. I can only assume that these people are insane. Nothing else could explain it.
Just for background, NCO took over a student loan that I had. Mara and I eventually agreed to a settlement of $2,900, which we paid. A month later they called me back and said that we still owed them $400. Then they told me that our settlement was not a settlement after all, but was a payment. Oh, no you don’t, fuckers. We battled them to a standstill and refused to pay it, and they went away for a while. Then they came back not long ago saying that we still owed them $2,600 in accrued interest and fees. They were told in no so polite terms to go fuck themselves, that I didn’t deal with criminals, and again they went away for a while. I guess they figure if they leave us along for a while I’ll calm down and be more inclined to pay their extortion. Now they’re back wanting $600. They can’t even make up their minds how much money they want to extort out of us.
Mara took down a phone number and a reference number. I should call them back and get the screaming over with. When they call here at the house, all I get is a recording telling me that they need to speak with me on an important business matter. No, heifers. You’re not going to call my house five times a day and have nothing on the other end but a fucking recording. You put a body behind that call and we’ll talk. I’m not going to answer a phone call and find myself on hold, waiting for you assholes to try to extort more money out of me.
When you research NCO Financial Services on the Internet, it’s incredible the number of complaints and lawsuits that have been lodged against them. I don’t understand how a company that actively engages in fraud and harassment is still in business.

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