Mama Worrying

Just talked to Mama. She’s worried about what she told me about what Mara said. I think it surprised her that I got so angry. She’s probably also worried that I’m going to crawl Mara’s ass. But I’m not. At least not over the phone. Mara and I have a lot that we need to talk about. But when we talk it’s going to be face to face. If we are going to continue, there has to be some changes. Ever since the thing with Bobby she’s acted like she has the upper hand in this relationship, like she doesn’t respect me anymore. That’s understandable. I didn’t kick her out on her ass at a time when I probably should have. Now that I’m going to be home every weekend and I’m going to start patching the house back together, there are going to be some other changes. If Mara wants to sit in there and do nothing but play Everquest II, that’s fine. But she’d better not open her fucking mouth to me about my shortcomings. I’ve reached my limit, and I’m tired of Mara’s disrespect.

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