Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

Going to be visiting the scene of the crime today. Going through Thomasville, Georgia (where I sat for my first week on that FEMA load) and will deliver in D’iberville (which is where I eventually delivered that FEMA load). It’s going to be strange to go through these places, where the beginning of the end at USX began for me.
Long story short, a fella at Epes wrote me a bit after the load fiasco yesterday and asked me if I could pick up a load in Valdosta, Georgia and take it to D’iberville. They’d had a driver fall off of it and needed someone to cover it. I thought about it for a bit, realizing that it would mean I wouldn’t be getting home today, but agreed to do it. We need the money. And unlike USX, it actually works in your favor to do things for other people at Epes. They’re small enough for things like this to be remembered.

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