Another Year

Oh. Another year.
Okay, toasts and all that. I expected to get up this morning feeling great and positive about the new year. But I’m kind of down. I’m not really sure why. I guess part of it is because I’m sitting in here by myself again. It’s strange to come home and feel lonely.
I got up this morning to find Mara wasn’t in bed. I got up to use the bathroom,and found that she was sitting in the front of the computer playing Everquest II. That bothered me. A part of me feels like she doesn’t want to be in the same room with me sometimes, much less in the same bed. That didn’t help.
Well, a lot of this angst is coming from the fact that she went to bed about 01:00, wanting me to come with her and get wild and all that. I followed about five or ten minutes later and found her snoring. I wasn’t disappointed because there was no sex, but because she just checked out like that. In Mara’s defense, though, she drank four beers and at least one shot of Grand Marnier. For someone who doesn’t drink, that’s a good bit.
Anyway, when I got up this morning, I felt dehydrated and I had a bit of a headache (I only drank two beers, but I drank about five shots of Grand Marnier). I took some Goody’s and came in here and sat down at the computer. Shortly after that Mara went back to bed. I’m conflicted about what I’m supposed to think about that. Sometimes it seems like wherever I am, she’s going to be somewhere else.
Oh, well. I enjoyed myself last night. For the most part Mara was off doing her thing with her friends in Everquest II, and I was off grinding xp alone with my necromancer, Hellebore. But I kind of enjoyed just being in here with Mara. Sometimes I feel like I should enjoy it while I can.
I’m tired. I have a bit of a headache, and should go back to bed. I’m sure the world will look very different when I get back up.

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