My First Fuck-Up

I just made my first fuck-up at Epes. My 3 hour nap turned into 8 hours of sleep. My body completely ignored my alarm. I could try to place blame elsewhere, but in this industry it’s the driver’s job to get it done no matter what.
Now, for the reality. I started my day at 03:00. I made my morning and got to my next pickup around 12:00. I didn’t leave that shipper until 17:30. Normally I would sleep some while I’m being loaded, but these fuckers wouldn’t let you run your truck. I was in that dock for about 5 hours and it was about 30 degrees in the truck. Sleep was lost to trying to stay warm.
Anyway, when I left there I went a little ways up the road and fell over. So now I’m going to be late for delivery. I’ll be glad when this week is over. It started off on a bad note and never recovered. It says a lot that my little fuckup here was the most sleep (8 hours) I’ve had all week.

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