First Weekend Home

Getting ready to roll. I just spent my first weekend home. Apparently it’s going to be a problem for me that Epes policy dictates that the tractor must be left with the trailer. The policy is reasonable, given that I’ll be bringing home a load every weekend. But here I am on Monday morning, just now putting my stuff in the truck. I didn’t do over the weekend because the truck was several miles away at the truckstop, and there never seems to be a good time to drive onto that lot in a car without having the local stormtroopers swoop down upon you with their blue lights putting on a lightshow. Long story short, all weekend I intended to put my stuff in the car and take it down to the truck. That never happened.
This morning I moved the truck over to the Food Lion parking lot, dropped the trailer and brought the tractor to the house. If I had done that over the weekend, I probably would have left bright and early this morning. Well, at least my load can deliver any time today. The only person I’m hurting right now is myself, by cutting down on the miles I’ll have for the week.

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