Gainfully Employed

Back at the hotel. Had a hard time staying awake today in class. Will probably go to bed pretty early tonight. We’re supposed to get our trucks tomorrow and a dispatch. I should be rested up. Knowing my luck, I won’t get any sleep at all and I’ll get a 600 mile run that has to be there asap.
I guess at this point it’s pretty official that I work for Epes again. Even as late as this morning there were some people in my orientation class that were worrying about something coming to back to bite them in the ass. I don’t think some of us will fully relax until we’re in a truck and under a load.
Well, I appear to be gainfully employed. Hopefully things will go well at Epes and I won’t feel like the next couple of years of my life were wasted. That’s certainly how I feel about the last 3 years of my life that I spent at U.S. Xpress. Just lost time. Life that’s just … gone.

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