Frustrated By Epes

Just came back into the house. I moved some junk to the road and had done some more organizing in the storage building. I’m not making very good progress in my bid to finish cleaning up the house. For one thing, I keep waiting until late to get started, so I’m running out of daylight (and steam) within a couple of hours of getting started. But at least we’re getting somewhere. You can actually walk into the dining room now. Before I started you couldn’t do that. You can also walk around in the storage building. Couldn’t do that, either. On one hand I feel foolish for thinking I could push back years of intertia and decay quickly. But I also realize and freely admit that I’d have a lot more done if I started earlier, worked harder, and kept at it longer.
I also admit that it’s beginning to affect me that I’m 40 years old, 125 pounds overweight and incredibly out of shape.
In other news, I was frustrated by Epes Transport again today. I talked to them Wednesday and was told that they had lost my application, and to put it in again. I did so, and spent yesterday and today expecting to hear from them. Nothing. This is the second week I’ve wasted because I’ve sat around expecting to hear from them. I’m tired of waiting on Epes. Next week I’ll hit the ground running. We desperately need me to get back to work. I suppose a worst case scenario would be that I could always call U.S. Xpress.
Wow. That’s a depressing thought.

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