The Assholes Of Ne Plus Ultra

Mara’s Everquest II guild, Old World Guardians, just had a run-in with another guild, Ne Plus Ultra (also known as NPU). The latter are a bunch of worthless Assholes. I’m not into the whole guild vs. guild thing, but I have to say that these guys have earned the capital A in Assholes. In the end, the whole thing depresses me, that people’s lives could be so empty and pointless that they would dedicate themselves 1) to an online game and 2) to a guild that seems to be dedicated to nothing more than the fine art of being a bunch of assholes.
I won’t bother with details. Anyone who has played Everquest for any length of time has probably heard of NPU. They probably have a few stories of their own about the asshole members of NPU. To those people, I need say nothing more. To the rest of you, it would just be too complicated to understand.

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