Bewildered But Home

Well, I’m home. I got in this morning about 01:00. Poor Mara had to come pick me up. I hope she did okay at work today. She certainly didn’t get a full night’s sleep.
I’m a little bewildered today. I don’t know what to do with myself. I should start job hunting, of course, but at the moment I don’t know which way to jump. It seems a little late in the week to get anything going. I’ll put in some applications this afternoon. Hopefully I can get something rolling early next week.
It seemed so strange to get up this morning and look out the window. There’s no big, red truck in the driveway. I’ve cut my ties with U.S. Xpress, but it still doesn’t seem quite real. I almost expect them to jump out of the shadows at me.
Well, I would like a day to unwind from my trip, but I really don’t have the time. I’ll get to work on ferreting out trucking companies that I would be interested in. Right now I’d rather do anything other than drive a truck again, but what else do I have to offer an employer? I have six years of driving experience, or I have ten plus years of warehouse experience working for a roster of companies that no longer exist. Hell, prior to starting driving in 1999, my work record probably looks like I’d never held a job before that. So. What options do I have here?

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