I Really Hate Greyhound

Had a big run-in with the employees of Greyhound. This kid who was sitting behind me had missed the call for his bus. Someone mentioned the call to him, so he went up to the desk and asked about it. The clerk talked really smart to him, and told him they had made the call three times, that the bus was already loaded. The inference was that he was out of luck. He ran out to try to catch the bus (which hadn’t left yet).
The clerks started laughing at him. I realized that the kid was kind of bewildered out there. All the baggage people had disappeared and the bus driver was ignoring him. I dunno. Everything just boiled over in me. I got up and asked the clerks “what the hell is wrong with you people?” I went out on the docks. The poor kid was near panic. So I went over and banged on the bus door until the driver opened it. When she did, I motioned the kid over and told him to get on. Which he did.
At the moment, I really hate Greyhound.

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