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Halfway To Chattanooga

Had an interesting exchange with my dispatcher. He called me. Said “it looks like you’re moving this way” (I’m just east of Knoxville). I told him I was halfway to Chattanooga. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He said “we’re supposed to get you a load to go that far.” I told him I got tired of waiting and wanted rid of the truck. He said they would charge me $1 per mile. I told him they could bill me. They don’t owe me anything, so there’s nothing to hold back.
The exchange was actually kind of funny. He had no idea of how to process me not giving a shit. I finally said “look, you guys have nothing over me now.” That pretty much ended the conversation. I suppose it struck me as funny because Seth reflexively used the scary dispatcher routine and seemed genuinely bewildered when it didn’t have any affect on me.
Man. I will be so glad to leave this kind of bullshit behind. I know there’ll be bullshit wherever I go, but I’ve had my limit of this particular flavor.

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