Reached My Limit

I’ve finally reached my limit with U.S. Xpress. Not in regard to leaving the company. That was already decided. But I’ve been trying to work out something with them since the 8th about getting my truck back to Tunnel Hill. I’m done. Mara and I wanted to take the truck back on the 8th, but USX wanted me to wait until Monday, the 10th, to talk to my dispatcher. On and on it went. Now here I am on the 17th, and I still don’t know anything. I was supposed to call my new dispatcher, Seth, on Friday and tell him my final decision, but he wasn’t in. The lady I talked to in his place told me that she would work on getting me a load to or near Tunnel Hill and that she would call me. She never called, and I haven’t been able to get anyone on the phone. Well, no one but the operators, who kick me back to the automated systems where I sit on hold.
I’m sick of this. You would think that U.S. Xpress would want to get their truck back. But no one seems very interested. I wrote Seth some e-mail last night and told him that we needed to work this out today. He never wrote me back. No one has called me. And I haven’t been ablt to get anyone on the phone. Well, I was the ball in some phone ping-pong this morning, but I never talked to anyone but the operators.
I’m done. I don’t give a damn what U.S. Xpress wants. I’m more than a little angry that this couldn’t be worked out over last weekend. I don’t look forward to having to take a bus home. If it had been worked out over the weekend, Mara could have picked me up in Tunnel Hill (though I’m sure she certainly didn’t want to). Now I have no choice, and I don’t appreciate it.
Now I’m not willing to going through this crap of picking up a load. For one thing, that would mean I’d have to run around and find a trailer. I’m not interested. USX has caused me enough problems already. It probably says a lot about the company that I can’t even arrange to turn in the damned truck without it being an immense hassle. I don’t think they believe I’m actually going to quit, and I’m beginning to think that they think that if they stall me I’ll change my mind. But I know the company well enough to know that I’m giving them an awful lot of credit there. USX isn’t that organized. It would take effort to give a shit, and no one at USX does. That’s largely the reason I can’t get this worked out. No one gives a shit.

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