FEMA Pay Approved

I talked to Benny L___ on the phone a little while ago. He didn’t know why I hadn’t been paid for the FEMA standby, but he looked it over and he’s approved it. I won’t get paid for it this week because payroll has already run, but I’ll definitely get it next week. That’s a big relief. Now if we can just make it until payday of next week without losing the house or the car, we’ll be fine.
They’re actually going to pay me more than I expected. I thought I would only be paid for the documented time on the sign-in sheet (which wasn’t accurate), but apparently I’m going to be paid for all of my sitting, and not just what the government reps documented. Benny said that I would be paid over $3,000 next week. Needless to say, I am elated. Well, maybe not elated. But I am certainly relieved.
I started thinking that maybe I should stay with USX. It’s hard to think badly of a company when you’ve just received good news. But there are a lot of other issues, as well. Right now USX expects me to quit, so I’m not sure I would be safe there if I decided to stay. For one thing, I know that it’s policy that if a driver says “I quit” while in a terminal, they’re not supposed to let them leave. So I would be afraid that I would go back to fleet and find myself sitting up at the Medway, Ohio terminal without a job.
No, it’s best to just cut and run. Things haven’t gone well at USX in a very long time for me. I should take the damned hint.

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