Not Getting FEMA Pay

I just checked the satcom to get payroll. It doesn’t look like I’m going to get paid for my FEMA standby this week, either. I’ll get paid for the two trips I turned in, but after the money I owe for insurance and advances from not getting paid for a few weeks, that only amounts to about $150.
I don’t think there are words to describe how hurt and angry I am at the moment. I had begun to doubt the wisdom of leaving the company, but this has really set my determination. The worst part is not the fact that I’m not getting paid for an investment of over two weeks of my life, but that no one at U.S. Xpress seems to be willing to tell me anything about it at all. I still can’t hold of Benny L___, and no one else seems to know anything.
Are we venturing into lawyer territory here? They owe me over $1,400.

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