Rightful Ruler

In thinking about everything, I keep coming back to a butane lighter that I saw recently. It had an American flag with an eagle’s head super-imposed on it. A caption read “Rightful Ruler.” I suppose this means that the USA is supposed to rule the world. I can’t help but wonder how the rest of the world feels about that. That’s such a Republican sentiment. It’s no small wonder I saw it in a truckstop.
The more I see sentiments such as that, the more I realize that it’s quite likely that I consider myself a citizen of the World. I love my country, but I see my country as a part of the world, not a universe unto itself.
I guess another of my failings is that I’ve never been someone who pushed other people around, so I have a hard time understanding ideas to that effect, whether they’re directed at individuals, organizations or countries. I think in the current political climate in the United States, this would make me a radical.

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