Red Cross Warehouse In Baton Rogue

I’ve arrived at the American Red Cross warehouse in Baton Rouge. Was interesting finding the place. USX provided no directions and no phone number, so I tried to find it by address. The only problem was that they were not at the address. Luckily a Red Cross bobtail came through and told everybody how to get over there.
I told Mara that it was funny, but the workers here treat us truck drivers as if we’re the evacuees. I know they’re trained to be professionally nice, but it just struck me as funny how many people tried to give us water and heater meals, or to otherwise look out after our needs. It’s an occupational hazard, I suppose. It’s a welcome change from the usual abuse I get from customers. You can’t help but respect these people, who have invested so much of their time and energy into helping others.
Well, they don’t know what to do with my load. It wasn’t supposed to come to this warehouse, but to another location. So I’ll bed down for the night and figure it out in the morning.

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