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Burbank, Illinois

Well, I’m at a shipper in Burbank, Illinois. In typical fashion USX gave my load to someone else. I thought things were going a little too well of late.
My birthday is officially over. I’m supposed to feel something about turning 40, but I don’t. I still feel like a kid. I’m a boy this aging disease and there’s not much I can do about it. Why fret it? I made a modest celebration. I dined on a can of beef stew. I had a birthday cup cake. And I drank a toast to Mara with pink lemonade, to Mama with chocolate Yoo-Hoo, and to myself with a diet 7-up. Then I enjoyed my birthday present, which was much needed sleep (that cost me $10 for parking at that rat-trap 55 Truckstop in Bolingbrook, IL. For a place that pushes Jesus as hard as they do, they sure fuck a lot of people).
Anyway, I’m going to lay back down. I shudder to think about what USX will come up with.

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