Ann Coulter vs New Yorkers

I just saw something that brought tears to my eyes. I also got angry, because I thought of something that that harpie bitch Ann Coulter had said about New Yorkers in regard to Hurricane Katrina. She said “in the same way the rest of the country ran to support New York, I’m waiting to see if New Yorkers will run to support the suffering victims of Katrina … New Yorkers don’t really consider themselves a part of the rest of America.”
Well, I’m here to tell you that she’s wrong.
I’m at a truckstop in Ruther Glen, Virginia. When I was paying for my goods I looked out the window and saw a New York City Police Department cruiser at the fuel pump. This surprised me. Then I realized that the entire diesel fuel isle (about ten isles) was full of buses from New York City. The road in front of the truck stop was full of buses from New York City. And when I went back to my truck I realized that there were buses from New York City stretching all the way back onto the highway.
These buses, of course, are bound for New Orleans.
So yes, Ann Coulter, you harpie bitch, New Yorkers consider themselves a part of the rest of America. From what it looks like to me, New York is going way beyond what might be expected of it. As I write this my eyes are full of tears because I was so touched by this outpouring of support. It’s one thing to pledge and donate money, and to make pretty speeches about how Americans need to band together in this time of need. New York City is actually trying to do something immediate and concrete to help out the people in the disaster areas.
I salute you, New York City. I thank you. If nothing else, you have somewhat restored my faith in humanity.

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