Troutville, Virginia

Troutville, Virginia. I’m at a truckstop. I delivered over in Big Island, and am supposed to pick up in the morning in the North Carolina. This was out of the way, but I needed fuel.
I was glad to get rid of my last load. It was 2,000 pounds over gross weight. I dutifully informed USX of the problem when I discovered it. They ignored me. Rightfully so, I guess. If they had acknowledged the problem, someone might’ve had to do something about it. By ignoring me, it remained my problem. In the end I decided to run with it. It took the shipper over four hours to load me the first time. Even they had still been open, how long would it have taken them to reload me? So I took it and ran. But I was really glad to get rid of it.
Now I’ll be going to Connecticut. Great. The North-East. No offense to anyone who lives up there, but it’s not the best part of the country to be in a big truck. Plus, USX has a habit of making its drivers do stupid things while they’re up there. Hopefully no one will notice that I’ll be uncomfortably close to New York City. I officially got switched over to a solo board today. I’d hate to introduce myself to them with a pitched battle over whether or not I’ll cross the GW bridge.
Well, I’m going to test the Internet connection here at the truckstop to see if I can get into Everquest II. There were some problems with this particular network before. Whether or not I can I’ll probably be laying down soon. I’m really tired, and I haven’t had any solid sleep since Sunday night.

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