Passed Around Like A Football

Long story short, I’ve been on the phone with USX and Volvo in various forms since around 9:30 this morning. I got passed around like a football, but finally wound up talking to the Safety Dept. I’ve talked to so many different people about the front end of this truck that I could recite my presentation verbatim. Hehe
Okay, here’s what’s going on. I talked to R__ this morning and discussed the front end. After some haggling I got him to understand that I wasn’t asking USX to put on a new steer box on my say so, but was instead simply asking that they let Volvo look at it. He agreed, told me to call Volvo, and to let him know what they said. So I called Volvo. The woman at Volvo told me that J__ at USX had told them to just look at the shocks. She also told me that they weren’t really going to do anything unless J__ told them to do so, and that R__ need to get with J__, etc. So I called Breakdown, got hold of G___, and again we went around about what was going on with the front end, with Volvo, and with J__. He said I since I believed it was a safety issue, I should talk to claims and see if there was another way that we could go about this. I think this is G___’s official J__-workaround (as well as his way of getting me out of his hair). So I talked to Claims, we went all through the problem, and they told me that since there hadn’t been accident, there was no claim, and there was nothing they could really do, and that since I thought it was a safety issue, I should talk to the Safety Dept. Hehe
Well, K__ (the lady in Safety) wound up having some kind of conference while I was on hold, and finally told me that J__ was not in today, but she had talked to C____, and that he had pulled up the records on the truck and saw how many times it had been in the shop, etc. So right now all I know is that K__ wants me to call her back this afternoon to find out what they’ve decided to do about the truck.
And that’s been my morning so far.

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