Leaving Today

Just talked to my dispatcher at USX. She just wants a PTA. Apparently USX doesn’t care all that much about me going missing yesterday. So I’ll be leaving today. The truck is dead in the driveway, so someone will have to come out and jump it off. This, of course, means a trip to Volvo the next time I’m in (because the mechanics in Tunnel Hill didn’t fix whatever’s draining the batteries). It also means I’ll be leaving within the next couple of hours. I can’t exactly leave that truck running in the driveway while I debate my future with USX.
I feel like I’m drowning here. Mara’s right, in that I need to stay put at least until the bills are caught up. Whether or not I can make the case that it would have made just as much practical sense for her to get back on the truck, as well, until our bills are caught up is beside the point. I live here with two women. I won’t be afforded that flexible female logic that Mara used to justify leaving USX.
I’m going to kick around in Everquest II for a few minutes just to vent off some pressure. Then I’ll call Breakdown about road service and start loading the truck. I imagine I’ll be gone by the time Mara gets home tonight. Sometimes I wonder if both she and Mama will feel better because of it. Not because they don’t want me here, but because the bills have to be paid, right? As long as I can take care of business by climbing back into my box, everyone will be happy. Well, they’ll be happy. I think, in the final analysis, that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

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