Wi-Fi Rant

Hayti, Missouri. Bedding down for the night. Going to get up in the morning and run the rest of the way in. The truck is acting up, so I’m kind of worried about making it. It’s the damned ECU / EGR again. The truck is running rough and losing major power on hills, but I think this is in the early stages. I’m hoping and praying that I can get home. It would be about par for the course for the truck to quit on me and me on my way home for time-off. I turned on the computer to check and see if this place ever got a wi-fi network. They have one now, SiriComm, which showing up at the Pilot truckstops, but I didn’t connect. For one thing, I connected down in Lebanon, Tennessee and found out that I couldn’t connect to either AIM or Everquest II. Hell, there’s not much else that I do with a wi-fi connection these days. So, given the fact that I’m about to go to bed and only really wanted to pop into EQ2 to surprise Mara, I’m not going to pay $6.95 for 24 hour access. Hell, I’ll be home tonight. And besides, we pay Flying J about $25 a month for full access at their truckstops.
Well, I’m tired. I think I’m about to break out into full babble. So I’m just going to go to bed. When I get up in the morning, I’ll be making my attempt to get home. Hehe. Hopefully just this once the Universe won’t be looking in my direction.

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