Bobtail To Shipper

I win. Just got a message from U.S. Xpress saying “Bobtail to shipper.” Someone conceded defeat. I’ve been considering why this exchange annoyed my so much. I guess part of it is that they’re trying to rush me to go pick up a load that can’t deliver until Thursday morning. Why the rush? It annoys me because by the time I get up there and pick up the load there won’t be anywhere to park, which will mean I’ll wind up driving tonight after being up all day. I had planned to take a nap before going up there. And I had planned to poke around on the Internet a little more; maybe spend some time with Mara in Everquest II.
These people don’t give a shit how long I sit or whether I can feed my family and pay my bills. But when they say jump, they expect me to jump. That makes me mad.

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