Time To Cut Our Losses

I think the time may have finally come to cut our losses and say goodbye to U.S. Xpress. We’re not going to be able to pay our bills the way I’ve been running with USX. My next load is a good example. I delivered my last load last night around 21:00. This morning they gave me a load that doesn’t pickup until tomorrow morning, is 350 loaded miles, and then doesn’t deliver until the morning of the 9th. I complained to my dispatcher. She told me that solos had to run a lot of short runs. I told her I didn’t mind the short runs, it was the sitting for a day between runs that’s killing me. Christ, I’ll get paid for about 1,600 miles for the week. For what that’ll amount to, I can literally make better money at home. At this point I think the only thing keeping me in this truck is the insurance. But once Mara’s free and clear with her hand, all bets are off. Katie, my dispatcher, reminded me that things would get better once Mara gets back on the truck. Right now she doesn’t know that Mara doesn’t plan to get back on the truck. So 1,600 miles a week is all I have to look forward to with U.S. Xpress? No, thank you.
I’m going to head up to a truckstop and settle in. If I’m going to sit, I’m going to be somewhere where there’s food and, possibly, an Internet connection. Of course, I don’t have a trailer. God only knows what bullshit they’ll come up with to find me a trailer.

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