Talked To Paul Yale

Talked to Paul Yale this morning. Wow. Deja vu. It’s just like last year. I hadn’t heard from him at all, so I called him to see how things were going with the loan. He was a little confrontational, and said that they were having some problems, and that their records showed that we had been late a lot; most specifically through October of last year to January of this year. I told him that the period in question was when we were using the direct draft feature from Bank of America, and that we had quit using it because, while Bank of America made the drafts on time, CCB didn’t seem to know how to process it, and kept calling us wanting to know what was going on. I talked to several women during that period who said that they hadn’t received a payment and then, with me still on the phone, found our payment in the computer system. This whole thing made me mad. Part of it was Paul Yale’s attitude. I guess maybe he’s tired of messing with us and wishes that we would just go away. Hell, we were all set to go talk to Bank of America about this.
Anyway, we’ll see. This is how it went last year. Paul Yale would tell us that everything was okay and that we’d be closing the loan the next week, and then call us and find another problem, and then another problem, and then another problem. I’m not saying he was inventing stuff. I’m just saying that we had a roller coaster ride for a few weeks there, and Mara, Mama and myself were all left feeling depressed and a little violated when the whole thing just shut down.

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