Masturbating Monkey

bmoore33 wrote me back tonight. As one might expect, he was insulting and condescending. I started to write him a letter and really crawl his ass, but I quickly realized that there’s no point. Anyone who finishes a note with a phrase like “calm down and crawl back into your tree” is just a sad individual. I’m not going to waste any more of my time on a sad case. As the motto I’ve adopted of late goes; “bullies, when cornered, become babies.” bmoore33 acted like a child when someone came along to challenge his contentions. Here are a few things that make bmoore33 a sad case:
He sought to demean Matt Gunn personally (not Matt Gunn’s article) by making much of the fact that Gunn’s girlfriend wrote his biography. Somehow he’s not much of a man, and isn’t very reliable therefore, because of that. “You need to send me something from someone that doesn’t roll over in bed and ask his GIRLFRIEND to write his bio.” That’s childish. That’s schoolyard bully bullshit (which seems to be the favored tactic of the Right).
He also sought to dispute the Joe Conason article that I sent out by ranting about seeing a documentary on television; “Every single bit of this was on a documentary on television a couple weeks back. All the old tapes were played including the one with Nixon talking to Colson about Kerry.” Yeah. I wonder if he might have seen that on the Fox Network. Oddly enough, bmoore33 never once disputed what Joe Conason said in his article. Rather, he sought to justify everything that John O’Neill and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have done by saying that John Kerry was unpatriotic by speaking out against the Vietnam war (and therefore, I assume, he deserves the attacks). Not once did bmoore33 respond to the bit about none of the veterans who have come out against Kerry having served on a boat with him.
I got mad for about 10 seconds. Then I realized that arguing with this guy would be about like trying to stop a monkey from masturbating. He’s not going to be able to see very far beyond his own erection. And all the while he’s going to be ranting at me and hating me because he sees his own reflection in my glasses.
I’m done.

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