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1.50 ct Diamond Cluster Ring

I’ve recently been trying to figure out a way to replace my damaged bass cabinet, as well as pick up a few other things I need to keep the music going. Those people who love to croon “music should be free, man” don’t seem to realize that the equipment it takes to make music costs money – and money is one thing musicians rarely have in abundance. I’ve been fortunate, in that I have an amazing mother, who has donated this ring to the cause. Now if I can just find someone to buy it.
This ring has been in my family since the late 1970s, and belonged first to my aunt, and then to my mother. My mother recently gave me the ring to auction on eBay, to help me raise the money to publish a book and buy a few items that will help me with my music. It’s a gift that has a value to me far, far beyond the value of the ring itself. I’m humbled by my mother’s generosity. I’m also humbled that, years after her death, my aunt Loretta is still having a direct effect on my life.
The ring’s appraised value has recently been set at $2,100 by Dellinger’s Jewelry Shop in Kings Mountain, NC. Pictures do not do this ring justice. But if it helps, for all you diamond geeks out here, this is the technical information that I have;

  • 1.50ct
  • Color: H-I
  • Clarity: SI1-SI2-I1
  • Value: $2,100

I hope if anyone is in the market for a beautiful ring and would like to help out a struggling publisher and musician to boot, you’ll wander over to eBay and check out this auction.


If you would like to look at the listing or make an offer on the ring, please click on the link below.

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