We Are At War - Nazi Elephant

We Are At War

I hope people will eventually realize that we are at war. The Right is waging a full-blown onslaught upon American democracy. The idea of “resistance” can no longer be theoretical. Shit got real. Time to put aside the slogans and step up.

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Mr Blank 3

Paid Political Trolls

One disturbing aspect of modern politics is the advent of paid political trolls. Anyone who has been online for any length of time learned to spot them long ago. The sad truth of our currently sideways culture is that conservative political action committees and special interest groups are literally paying people to troll social media.

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Mike Pence and Christian White Supremacy

Christian White Supremacy and Mike Pence

Vice-president Elect Mike Pence is a Christian Dominionist. He dreams of a Christian theocracy, rejects the separation of church and state, and places his Christian faith above the U.S. Constitution. Pence describes himself as “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order”.

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Both Third-Party Candidates Would Be Terrible Presidents

Both Third-Party Candidates Would Be Terrible Presidents

Here’s the one thing young people will come to understand as they get older. Idealism and ideology often fall short when applied to real-world scenarios. Reality doesn’t often cooperate with our in-born need to pat ourselves on the back.

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Bernie Sanders

The High Tower of Impractical Ideology

Most of us are not eager to live in an apocalyptic wasteland. I won’t risk a Donald Trump presidency by sitting out an election in my cozy, high tower of impractical ideology.

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